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Client Testimonials. Our Clients do take the time to write to us. Thank You!

The following are actual written testimonials from our Clients. Your results will vary.

It feels good to once again to have a good credit and I thank you for all that you did.
Rosanne H., Spring Lake Heights, NJ

Thank you for keeping on top of me. As far as you can see my credit reports are in good shape.
Any way, it's been a pleasure to still be doing business with you after all these years.
Liam M., Lake Grove, NY

My husband and I are very satisfied with your service. You are knowledgeable regarding what can be done and are persistent in accomplishing what you set out to do on our behalf. We are very pleased with the results. Thanks.
You did a wonderful job. I will definitely refer your services. Your responsiveness and personal attention was great.
Esther C., Dix Hills, NY

I'm very impressed...
My wife and I have moved. Thanks to the Mortgage you helped us get.
David H., Syracuse, NY

I appreciate all your help! I was able to get a very good mortgage and my credit did not become an issue.
Again, thanks for all your help. As a reminder I was approved for my mortgage, at a great rate, with no points, and I couldn't have done it without you.
Daniel V., Amityville, NY

I would like to say thank you a thousand times. My reports look so good. I did not think it was possible.
Carolyn R., Warner Robins, GA

Excellent service and great results!
John K., New York, NY

You're getting results. You're on the ball. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend you.
Darryl S., Bronx, NY

I am satisfied with your service. You did not make any promises that you could not keep. Rare in this business climate today! Keep up the good work!
Erwin W., Long Island City, NY

The personal attention and responsiveness is great!!
Barbara E., New York, NY

Your company has been a big help to me and my family.
Anthony G., Bronx, NY

The Service was Fantastic. I would like to thank you Mr. Capri for your kind help & everything else.
Sheila P., Staten Island, NY

Thank you for superior service and a job well done.
John C., Staten Island, NY

We are thoroughly grateful for all your help...
Sandra O., San Leandro, CA

Well Done. Thank you.
Ulrick B., New York, NY

My scores have come a long way. Thank you.
Ronald V., Moriches, NY

I am very satisfied with your services. Very professional.
Jay P., New York, NY

Thanks for all your help. It worked out fine.
Brenda M., Rehoboth Beach, DE

I would like to thank you so much for the work you done for me and I am really grateful.
Clara B., Bronx, NY

I received my new credit card. Thanks for all your help! I really appreciate it.
Art was really fabulous. Thank you.
Mitchell S., New York, NY

My husband and I were very satisfied with your service. Today we own a home and have excellent credit. Thanks to you!
Virginia A., Norwalk, CT

I appreciate the very good job you did. Thank you very much!
Thanks for your sense of professionalism. I will not hesitate to recommend your service to another potential client.
Luke U., Valley Stream, NY

You have done a great job to repair my credit.
Jeremy P., Palm City, FL

You run an efficient operation. Thank you. Will recommend.
Ann O., Belle Harbor, NY

Thank you! I couldn't have done it with out your help.
Ruth M., St. Albans, NY

Excellent work, Art - keep up the excellent job you're doing.
Lupito A., Englewood, NJ

I want to thank you again for the great job you are doing on fixing my credit.
Tyrone S., Fresh Meadows, NY

Art, keep up the good work!!
Liam M., Lake Grove, NY

Due to your excellent work I just moved into my new home.
Great Job Art. Thanks for all your help.
Linsdale M., West Hempstead, NY

You are doing a wonderful job.
This process continues to go well. Thank you for your patience and persistence.
Linda L., Bronx, NY

Thank you so much for your help. It has changed my life.
Craig W., New York, NY

Thank you for all of your help. It was a pleasure working with you.
James W., Valley Stream, NY

Thank you again for all the good work!
Robert B., Plainsboro, NJ

I appreciate all your attention to my account as well as your continued professionalism. I wish you much success with your business!
Adrienne H., Middletown, NJ

Thank you. You've been a big help.
I am pleased with my report - now that your process is complete. Than you.
James W. New York, NY

I was very impressed with your timely follow ups.
Thank you for very professional, excellent work.
Elaine G., Danbury, CT

Thank you for clarifying the present status of my reports. I appreciate all the work done towards repairing my credit.
Christine S., Brooklyn, NY

All the negative marks are no longer showing.
Patrick O., New York, NY

You are the best!
You guys are very good in your business.
Humphrey D., New York, NY

Equifax results are great!!
Daniel E., Pt. Washington, NY

Thank you Art. You and your company have worked wonders for me. Thank you again.
If you need me as a reference, please feel free to it.
James B., Bergenfield, NJ

Thank you for taking the time to speak with me last week. Your advise about my credit, etc., helped to put my mind a bit more at ease.
Thank you for your help!
Maria M., Ft. Lee. NJ

You have been a tremendous help to me and enabled me to feel better about myself and my future. It was a very easy process for me because of you. Thank you.
Benjamin P., Mt. Vernon, NY

I am very happy that I was told about Art and Contact USA.
Worthington J., Staten Island, NY

Thanks for everything. You've got a great organization. I certainly would highly recommend you to others.
Peter B., Washington, DC

Excellent service. Extremely satisfied.
Omar R., Bronx, NY

Excellent! Thank you.
Keith R., Brooklyn, NY

Thanks for doing such a great job.
Thank you, Art.
Riki W., New York, NY

Wow!!! Good Job!!!
Christy G., New York, NY

Please find attached credit reports from Trans Union, as requested. Good job so far.
John H., Jamaica Plain, MA

Here is the Equifax credit file. Looks good! We really want to say a Big Thank You for all your help!
Armanda G., New York, NY

Please continue to proceed with my full confidence.
Evette R., Bronx, NY

Art, Thank you! Keep up the good work. Excellent work. I will try to send business your way, if I can.
As you know I think you and your firm are Top Notch.
Gary L., Wayland, MA

I appreciate all you've done. Great Job. Very pleased. Would recommend you to anyone.
Eric W., Staten Island, NY

Thank you so much for everything! I will be in touch. I have referred you to a number of people.
Nancy S., Pt. Washington, NY

Looks like things are clearing up.
Darryle O., New York, NY

It took a while for me to understand how my credit is very important and I am very happy all negative remarks have been removed from my report. Thank you!
Stella P., Brooklyn, NY

Thank you for fixing up my credit profile with the three major credit reporting agencies. I will recommend Contact USA to my friends with great confidence.
Randy B., Valley Stream, NY

I sincerely thank you so much for helping me in clearing out my credit.
Christina F., Bronx, NY

An excellent service. I know that I would not have had the patience to continuously write the credit agencies to dispute what they listed as truth. Much success in your business endeavors.
Harriet M., New York, NY

Things look much better. I would like to talk about getting credit again. I'm very pleased with what you've done...
You do a great job and I have seen much improvement on my credit files thanks to your patient efforts on my behalf.
Patricia O,. Kew Gardens, NY

Contact USA provides a good service for a reasonable fee...
I trust you. Thanks for all the good work. I'm recommending all my friends to you. Thanks for all.
Anthony R., Queens Village, NY

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